Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thing #9

The first thing I noticed after using Blogline's Search Tool is an overload of hits. A person has to be very creative in order to find helpful blogs. I typed in "library" and got too many generic responses. I considered what type of blog I would want. I want one with answers. I will be a new librarian. I am going to have the most difficulty coming up with great resources for teachers and great collaborative lesson ideas. I want those handed to me. At least some of them. So I typed in "Successful School Librarians." A few clicks later and I wound up on a page with a list of educator's blogs, and there were over 100 that started with the letter "A" and however many for every other letter and no information to help a person decide which one might suit them. my next search was for "resources for librarians" which gave much more accurate results. All of this is showing me that blogging can be a bit complicated than a regular search, for a multitude of reasons. If the reason for this is to help make a librarian's job easier, but the searching takes too long, then it's not a huge help, but it could be after the initial set up. I will keep playing!

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