Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thing #13

The basics of tags is pretty simple to understand. You basically search for tags when you use a search engine - sometimes. When you search a blog site, this is more common. Tags are what you use in the library to search for a book. Only we have precise tagging to make it challenging for students, unless we do our jobs. In Facebook, we tag photos with other people's names so they can see how you blindsided them with the camera. These websites, such as Delicious, Diggs, and Technorati, organizes bookmarks through codes to make our searching easier.

This is what I discovered while playing with this. My continual search through these tagging exercises was for library lesson plans. I came up with nada. I have discovered that in order to find lesson plan help on the web I will already need to know a few sites to look at. Google, and many of these others, won't be a big help. I use the internet as a tool constantly to find new ways to teach old lessons. So far in this search, the only website I have found to be useful for plans is Simon and Schuster, the publishing company. SOOOO, what I need to do, is use tagging in Delicious for all these websites I have found - others have been found for other types of resources besides lessons - to help me remember them.

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