Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thing #20 - almost there

I love Teacher Tube.

What Teacher Tube can do: It can find great videos to HELP a teacher in the classroom by supplementing her already great lesson, add interest, and a little bit of enthusiasm. It uses technology the RIGHT way - or one of the many right ways.

What Teacher Tube cannot do: Teach for you. It does have lessons on there. Most of them are boring. If you are going for a quick lesson, use Brain Pop instead. It is part of your own lesson, not the entire thing.

While playing on Teacher Tube, I found a great little skit narrated by kids about reading.


It's from TeacherTube

It's cute, and would be a great intro or closing to a library lesson about basic reading and imagination at the beginning of the year. The narration goes a little too fast though, so some ELL's might have difficulty following it.

Unfortunately, You Tube is blocked in my district. Their rational is "it slows down the servers."

I love the Harry Potter Puppet Pals videos. Snape is my favorite character in these, so here is a sample of one. It's from YouTube

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