Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thing #12

Creating Comments - Many of the links reported several of the same items in different formats. I think that if this many blogs are out there similar in style, you would think that more people would comment "correctly" or at least more appropriately. With that said, I like what Cool Cat says in http://coolcatteacher.blogspot.com/2006/08/how-to-comment-like-king-or-queen.html, her blog about commenting - #6 Teach commenting. I don't know how many comments I have to sift through to see helpful comments. When I read blogs, often times I want more information or questions that readers have asked. These would be two types of comments that are appropriate. But I have to sift through so many "Yeah" or "you suck" comments, that it is almost a fruitless effort sometimes. But it goes back to "you can't fault people for information they don't know." So teach what you want to see.

Drake's Takes has an interesting view - It's almost like he wants the comments to take on a life of their own and be their own style. I got the impression from him that you, the blogger, should only respond publicly to a few of th comments, and to comment on more than that should be done privately. Like only comment publicly when you are trying to clarify information that was ambiguous in your blog. Which makes sense. You want readers to feel they have freedom of speech through your blog so they will be more open with comments. If you comment on every offensive, or even positive, comment, it might prevent someone from wanting to comment later.
His blog was at http://drapestakes.blogspot.com/2008/05/edublogger-etiquette-responding-to.html.

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