Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thing #11

I have played on Library Thing a few times already, just this summer. As I was searching for awards for authors and books, Library Thing always came up in the results. When I would click it though, there were never any awards in the awards section of the Library Thing. I think its great that Library Thing has so many millions of books in their database, but most of the information for each book and author is incomplete, and therefore not as useful as it could be. Now, as a member, I can add information to the database, but adding that would be a full time job in itself and I would never get finished. I don't know that I would use Library Thing on my own, as most of the information I would need to collect from it is available through other resources as well. The groups are interesting though. I do like how you can post a thread and get responses. I was reading a thread about questions that patrons ask. I also read a response of further readings for Twilight fans (http://www.librarything.com/topic/53692). That's cool, because I have that question in my classroom all the time! I would need more time, and a legitimate question (meaning an opportunity would have to present itself), before doing this. So I will save my opinion until it can be more informed.

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