Thursday, August 18, 2011

Job Status

So I quit my job. I know what you are thinking. In this economy, that is pretty much suicide. I have never quit a job before. It was unavoidable. There was so much stress and hostile tension in that building, I couldn't function. She was such a blithering idiot. She would get all up in my face and cram her anger down my throat, and do everything besides call me an outright idiot. That's one thing, but she was clearly falling protocol to get a teacher removed - and with it the teacher's certifications. That's why it was unavoidable. If I stayed there another year, I would not be able to be a teacher any more. I LOVE teaching - it's my passion. So now, I decided to pick up my blogging again. I have said in interviews that I blog. Well, that was fairly not true. I have blogged. I have my blog all set up, and I want to blog, but I hadn't blogged. My blog was last updated in August of 2009. That means that my present tense verbiage is not entirely accurate. I would say during the interviews that it's not something I do very often. Well now I am going to do it so I can say its something I keep up with. Its a valuable Web 2.0 tool that I want to say I do. So I am going to blog about my job hunt.

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