Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jobs I have applied to

School Districts

1) English teacher at Spring ISD
2) ESL teacher at Spring ISD
3) Librarian at Spring ISD
4) English teacher at Channelview ISD
5) English teacher at Goose Creek CISD
6) English teacher at Aldine ISD
7) English teacher at Clear Creek ISD
8) Librarian at Clear Creek ISD - I had an interview for that one - it was canceled because the principal was forced to hire within the district
9) English teacher at Crosby ISD
10) English teacher at Deer Park ISD
11) Librarian at Friendswood ISD
12) Librarian at Galena Park ISD - I had an interview for that one - it was very promising. I felt so sure I got the job. I wonder if its because he called my former principal.
13) Multiple positions at HISD - yes, I know - HISD. I have NEVER put in an application with HISD. That tells you just how desperate I am for a job!
14) English teacher at Lamar CISD
15) multiple positions at Pasadena ISD - my home district - but I never even got an interview, and they ALWAYS try to hire from within. I think that is almost proof that I have been blacklisted.
16) Two English positions and an ESL position with Pearland ISD, still no interviews!
17) Cleveland ISD - English position

Other teaching jobs
18) paraprofessional in a elementary school for a private Catholic school - I am so not Catholic!
19) Sylvan Learning Center - Okay, so I had that interview this past Monday, and today they called me to see if I could come in and do a mock tutorial. I'm thinking she wants to hire me and just check to make sure and all... I really want the job. Because 1) I really want the job, 2) I really want ANY job, 3) I really need some form of income.
20) An ESL position through a non-profit organization in Pearland
21) San Jac Comm. College - applied for several teaching positions. No word yet.

Library jobs
21) HCPL Branch Supervisor - I had an interview for that too - they said it could take four weeks! That was last week.
22) Research Assistant with HCPL - there were actually two postings for that one. I was PERFECT and never even got an interview!
23) Clerical Assistant - This I just mailed the application this evening; we'll see

Other jobs with promise
24) Chase Bank - Okay, so this was a little unique. I was getting my bank statement and the banker asked me I had ever considered a job at Chase, and I said the only thing I was qualified to do was to be a teller, and all the postings on the Chase website were for bilingual. But she said she would submit my resume, so I sent it to her, and some one in HR filled out the application for me, and then all I had to do was do all the final touches.
25) medical thing - I don't know the name of the company, but a friend asked if I might want to work coding insurance for purchases, and I said sure - so I applied for that position. Still haven't heard anything
26) ANICO. My friend said I was a shoo in. He works there and said he might be able to help. The problem is that I couldn't even understand the job description for the job he said I was qualified to do. We'll see.

Other jobs
27) United Way of Houston. Last night I found this job as an office manager of a women's shelter. Sounds really promising, sounds perfect for me, and pays enough. I sent an email telling her that is a job I can truly stand behind. The problem with all this is that as much as I need a job for NOW, I want a job I can believe in. One that makes a difference in the world. This is that job. Just saying.
28) The Rose - several positions.
29) HHSC - doling out food stamps. I'm qualified and I could do it.
30) USA - several positions here. Like five or so
31) Work in - can't even begin to tell you how many jobs I applied to here. Between 15-20
32) Burnett Staffing - This is a head hunter agency. No luck yet. The woman even told me not to keep my fingers crossed. Apparently, I have no experience for clerical work. Except that teachers do all their own clerical work, and I have done that for the past seven years. Believe me, I have done actual clerical work, and the administrative junk I do for my classroom and students is way more complex than "clerical work."
33) Some job at Goodwill. Can't remember it
34) Enterprise. Did you know you have to have a Bachelor's degree to loan out cars?

Will keep posting

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