Thursday, August 18, 2011


So I worked at resident camp this summer. I was a business manager, which is fancy talk for I walked around with a camera and took pictures of the campers in between helping out where ever I was needed. It was a blast, but I wonder if it hindered my job hunt. I knew since February that it was going to be very challenging to find a job for this school year. The internet at camp, um, sucked. There's no other word for it. The office had two computers for seven people. So when I got a computer, it was only a 50/50 shot that I would have working internet at my disposal. Then, to top it off, the internet was so slow, that I couldn't send or open attachments with my yahoo email account, only my Gmail. I don't know why Gmail worked better than Yahoo, but there you have it. And I'm not talking pictures and video; I'm talking word documents. As in my resume. As in I couldn't upload my resume to websites. As in I couldn't apply for jobs this summer, except during the one day per week I was at home - which is the same day that I had to do laundry, visit my family and friends, do any other errands, shopping, etc, that I needed to do. So I got very little job hunting done. I would spend at least six hours, closer to ten, each Saturday perusing the internet, looking for available jobs. But it wasn't enough. Since I got home on Saturday, August 7th, I have spent anywhere from two to ten hours per day searching for jobs and filling out applications. I have like four different resumes, prepared and ready to go, depending on the type of position to which I am applying.

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