Friday, August 26, 2011

new job development

I don't know the last thing I told you. On Wednesday afternoon, I got an email from Lone Star College asking me my preference on teaching during the day versus the evening. I responded back, and was asked to come in for a meeting. I met with the instructional leader for the division and was offered a position as an instructor to teach one class this fall, starting Sept. 12. I was UBER excited. And I accepted the job. It can turn into something like a full time career at the community college level. Except they don't call themselves a community college; they are a college system. I don't see the difference. You have to live within the district to pay low prices, and it's subsidized by the state. I think its a community college.

It cannot turn into a full time job there, because adjuncts can only teach a maximum of two sections per semester. Here is the kicker: the class is only $600 per month, which is good pay for four hours each week, but right now its all I have, and it severely limits others full time positions I can take. I have to have the luxury of flexible hours now, because I am unavailable on Monday's and Wednesday's before 11:30am. That's all okay, though, because of the future this might make for me. I can get on with another community college in the area, teaching two classes, and make almost a full salary. But that might take a LONG time. Other community colleges offer full time positions in this department, so after teaching here, I might be able to do something like that. Who knows, but for the short terms, I need more employment.

I need a total of $2400 per month. I hate to be so hard-nosed, but this really is about getting the bills paid. This is $600. If I sub on the days I am not teaching this class, that's another $75o per month. That still leaves $1050 that I need to pay my bills AND break up with my boyfriend. That means if I get an evening job for about 25 hours per week, I need it to pay $10.50. That's going to be REALLY difficult. My best hope is that this nanny thing pulls through in a couple of weeks or a month. I really hope that happens. I would love to work with small children, and it would pay enough. I will keep praying and hope it happens!

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