Friday, July 24, 2009

Thing #7

I heart Google. I have always only used it for searching. Last week, I began using my iGoogle account I created so long ago. That is awesome. Now I have quotes on there, news headlines, and hungry turtles that I get to feed. The only disadvantage is now it takes a long time to lead, like, which is why I don't use that application.

I think it's my Google Reader that is slowing it down, but then I like that, so is it really so bad? I love the idea that I can subscribe to different blogs to know when they have written something new, and I no longer have to remember to go and search for their blog. I have some of my friends' blogs already subscribed. And as I am working on my internship project, I am finding all these authors that have blogs. It's getting to where I am disappointed when an author doesn't have a blog. It is becoming expected now, instead of just random.

Then I tested the Google Calendar. This is exciting. I have a smart phone, so this feature may or may not be something I really get into. But I called my sister, who was just complaining about not having a digital calendar. I like the texting feature. It sends a reminder directly to my phone. I also like the fact that I can put the information in pretty much however I care to, and it will sort it out and organize it accordingly. I don't have to remember hyphens and commas. It does it the same way every time. Cool.

Some of the others I have been using for ages. Like Google Earth. That is awesome. You can see my house on it. One day in class, I was showing the students Google Earth on the Promethean Board, which is really neat because you can use the pen to play with it and move the map. So we had fun pulling up everyone's houses (who wanted to show them) and playing with the program. Some of the kids had used it before, of course, but it was much more interesting on the Board.

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