Friday, July 17, 2009

Flickr, Thing #5

Honestly, I'm not to enthused by this thing. I think if it were new to me, I might find it more exciting. I have been using Flickr or something like it for years. Facebook has a picture sharer, and Kodak. If Flickr interfaced with Facebook, that would be groovy. Imagine if something in your status sent a search to Flickr to show pictures or groups you might like to the side bar where other new stuff pops up. That would be awesome. This brings to mind a question for me though. What makes Web 2.0, 2.0? Is it because of the interfacing, interconnected possibilities this brings between the user and the internet? Maybe because Flickr seems so old hat to me that I don't connect it with things like the Google Reader and blogspot like I should. I do like the search mechanism, all though it is just as persnickety to use as any search engine. My search I used was LOC, so you can imagine the problems I had with that! I wanted actual pics of the LOC. Who knew I was so picky? I like the fact that it sorts the pics for you based on copyright status.


VWB said...

picture sharing is one thing, but being able to use pictures that are copyright-friendly is the major purpose of introducing Flickr Creative Commons to the 23 Thnigs audience. Most people do not know of its existence or that Gooogle now has copyright friendly sources under its advanced search! And getting used to the tagging to make searches successful is another. For instance books is not always the best choice, but reading brings up sopme pretty interesting pictures.
Maybe as you visit other blogs, you will get some ideas on how other folks view these things.

WendyTheDrMarioMaster said...

The thing I like about Flickr and Flickr creative commons is that you can find nicer, better quality pictures than you can with Google Images. When I search Google Images, I get a lot of photos unrelated to what I searched for. There also alot of broken links to photos, though the thumbnail is still stored in google images even if the photo has been removed from a website or the website no longer exists.